What to Expect When You Hire A High-End Designer 

You’ve made the decision to partner with an interior designer for your primary or vacation home’s high-end remodel project – fantastic! That’s the hardest part, but what happens next? You can read about the Timeless Designs step-by-step process on our website; this will break down who your designer is and the benefit to you and your project.

How does Timeless Designs work with clients? Our clients have impeccable taste and know what they
like. However, due to their fast-paced lives, they prefer to have curated options presented to them for final

Where do you find the furniture and other design elements? We’ve built relationships with trade-only
vendors, prizing high-caliber construction and materials over ready-made, off-the-floor options from what
appear to be high-end furniture manufacturers.

Will this require lots of time from me? Having a designer maximizes your investment by saving you
the time and hassle of figuring out where to purchase or who has the best quality for the cost – all while
allowing you to focus on your family, leisure activities, career, and other priorities.

Clients hesitate due to some common misconceptions (like these) which potentially bar them from
experiencing the full benefits a designer can offer.

1. Won’t my designer have a pushy attitude?

Unfortunately, it’s true, there are some designers who shoehorn their clients into decisions with an impersonal approach, demanding you bend to their wishes. But we’re different. Our priority is to build a rapport with you, to have ongoing discussions so that we fully understand your individual preferences, then bring solutions to you which make the
design come to life.

2. Won’t I be pressured to make purchases outside my budget?

Budgets are fantastic tools, when they’re leveraged properly. They shouldn’t restrict the design but should serve as a guideline for keeping the project from spiraling out of control. Our expertise will apportion your investment in the most advantageous places, ensuring it produces the lifestyle you’re after.

3. Won’t my project take over my life with a demanding schedule?

That’s our job and, quite frankly, why you hired us. Our concierge-level service means we will remove this from your shoulders so you can fully enjoy your primary or vacation home. Your designer will hold the reins, direct the communications, and fully manage all the details of the schedule – while you live your life.

Overall, we’ll ensure throughout the project that you receive first-class client care from our team, our vendors, and our contractors. This means addressing anything that goes off-course quickly and proactively preventing it from happening again. We’ll be your voice, supporting your wishes, and upholding the integrity of the design.

The end result? A showpiece. A lake home where you can enjoy resort-worthy private vacations with
your family and friends. And when you’re ready to do the same for your primary residence, we’re here for
that too.