Timeless Designs by Melissa, Head Designer

Melissa Brunk 

I am Melissa Brunk, the Head Designer at Timeless Designs by Melissa and I am very excited to share my passion for design with you! Interior design has been a part of my life for a long time. As a little girl, I used to imagine my Barbie house as an elegant, well-decorated and beautifully designed home. And, that is what I deliver to my clients today. I take what is in your imagination and bring it to life in your home.

In my career, I have worked for a well-known, national countertop company, a local cabinet showroom and a local design firm. I decided to start my own business to fill a need as an independent designer who could select and coordinate all aspects of new construction and remodeling.

I meet with busy clients at their homes, and guide them in the selection of finishes and the design layout for their space so in the end their space will best fit their personality, lifestyle and needs. Working with local contractors and craftsmen, I coordinate each project scheduling every aspect of the design, until the final dust settles in my clients’ homes. I am the client liaison to the contractors. It is my job to ensure they understand and execute each design element the client has for the project.

During high school, I enrolled in an interior design class. I found the projects to be enjoyable and very rewarding. While in this class, I decided to turn this gift and passion into a career. I have since graduated from the Art Institutes International in Minneapolis with a degree in interior design.

I live west of Lakefield, MN with my family including my husband and 3 kids: a freshman in college, a sophomore in high school and a 4th grader.

My Industry partners

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Timeless Designs by Melissa

Project Launch

The initial design study will include a collaborative meeting to clarify 

  • who will be the main contact and decision maker
  • the scope of your project  
  • direction of the design. 

We will fill out a detailed questionnaire to learn about your preferences, what is important to you and how to make your space blend perfectly with your lifestyle.

What we will  need you to provide

  • all relevant information on your home like architectural drawings, site and project information
  • contact information of all other parties that will be working on your project with us. 

We will meet with you a few weeks later to review preliminary design concept ideas and develop the foundation for a formal interior design concept.

Design Concept

Based on your project requirements, initial design study conclusions, your preferences and your feedback on our preliminary design concept, a comprehensive design concept will be prepared.

It will include structural layout options, floor plans, a color scheme, materials and surface options as well as preliminary selections of furniture, window treatments, floor design, lighting and fabrics.

Design Concept Presentation and Approval

The interior design concept will be formally presented to you for feedback and approval. You can expect to be presented with a combination of

  • sketches 
  • material  
  • fabric samples
  • and other visual aids 

These will help you fully envision the concept and plan.

Approximate pricing of goods and services will also be provided during the presentation. All decision makers are required to be present for your interior design concept presentation.

During the meeting, we will narrow down your options on all design elements and overall plan. If there are elements of the design that need to be refined, researched or sourced, we will do so quickly and verify your final approval on those items.

It is important to make decisions expeditiously throughout this phase, as vendor pricing and product availability can often change if more than 30 days pass. 

Design Development

Once you have approved your interior design concept, our design team will commence with developing the concept.

Design development is the phase that we flush out all details, develop and finalize all structural elements, construction documents and floor plans.

We are adept at and welcome coordination and collaboration with other parties involved in your project such as the architect, or A/V specialist.

You can expect several meetings during design development to discuss costs, timing and to approve the final drawings and layouts. During this time we also coordinate with the contractor and sub-contractors for the most effective design development.

Structural Build or Remodel

This is when your design begins to come into form. Expect a lot of activity as everyone plays their part in the build.

If you are living in the space during this phase, we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Your space and property will be protected and noise, dust and messes will be kept to a minimum.

We work closely with all parties to make sure the construction is well coordinated and the outcome is as we intend it to be. You can expect to be updated regularly on the progress.

All parties involved with your project receive a Project Calendar to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the project, and you, the homeowner, will also know who to expect and when.

Hard and Soft Goods Approval

Hard goods are all the materials and surfaces that become part of the building like flooring, built-ins and countertops. The soft goods are things that are brought into the home but are not permanent. 

As the hard and soft goods are finalized, each will be presented to you in the form of a proposal for approval.

You will need to sign each proposal and provide the required deposit so they can be ordered. We streamline this process for you and make sure you have everything you need to give your final approval and initiate the order.

These proposal approvals are binding and are not reversible.

The prices quoted on the proposals will indicate the most accurate pricing available. You can expect, on occasion, for minor variations in final vendor pricing and shipping costs to occur and to be reflected on the final invoice. This is generally due to a change in material costs or shipping costs between the time that a product is specified and actually ordered. This is out of our control; however, we make every effort to avoid these occurrences and any inconvenience to you.

If this does happen, we will notify you of any significant price change as soon as we become aware and provide you with an updated proposal indicating the new pricing. You can also expect to receive reports periodically to help you keep track of all purchases and costs to date.

Purchasing and Procurement

Once we receive your signed proposals and deposits, we initiate orders immediately. We take care of all the details. We coordinate with the necessary parties regarding what goods are to be purchased by the architect or contractor and which are to be handled by our firm.

For items that others will be purchasing, we will often play a part in specifying the perfect selections for your home. A good example of this is millwork & doors. We will specify the item and provide the information to the contractor to purchase directly.

For all other merchandise, we will act as the purchasing agent on your behalf. All invoices and questions from vendors will be forwarded and handled by our firm. We will prepare all specifications and purchase orders. We will communicate with all vendors regarding specifications, ordering, expediting, quality inspections, coordination and timely delivery or installation in your home.

We will keep you abreast of any important developments as the purchasing process is carried out. 

Hard Goods Installation Coordination

During this phase, your vision begins to come to life. Flooring, wallcovering, paint colors, appliances, woodwork, tile and surfaces are all put in their place.

Our firm will help coordinate the details with all relevant parties. This shall include

  • coordination of the delivery
  • installation
  • final placement as specified.

We will visit the project periodically to observe and to become familiar with the progress and quality of work as it relates to the interior design concept.

In the case of out of state installations when goods are required to be delivered to the site for installation, our firm requests that the contractor receive, inspect and notify us of any damage.

If goods are as intended, we request that the contractor safely stores and protects products until they are installed. For our records, we photograph and/or videotape the project before, during, and after installations.

We will keep you abreast of the project status and timing as the installations are completed.

Soft Goods Installation

While your hard goods were being installed, we were receiving all of your furniture and soft goods in our warehouse. Everything will be inspected and if needed returned for replacement.

When all of the hard goods are completed and the space is ready, we will schedule the installation of soft goods and furniture. We coordinate all aspects of the final installation and prepare the space for your arrival.

Final Reveal and Finishing Touches

This is the moment you have been waiting for! 

You will walk into your home and see your dream come true. We will walk you through your space and all aspects of the design now that the vision has been realized.

You will notice that we have placed select accessories and artwork that you have not purchased in your home as well. These are for you to consider. If you so choose, we will purchase the items on your behalf, and you can keep them right where they are.

All other accessories will be returned to us within 3 days. Once you have had a chance to take it all in and enjoy your new space for a few days, we will do a final walkthrough with you.

We will create a punch list of any small items that need to be taken care of. We will attend to any loose ends right away and leave you to enjoy your beautiful home with your family and friends for years to come!