Timeless Designs by Melissa, Head Designer

Melissa Brunk 

Melissa is an experienced home visionary interior designer, proficient schedule planner & a master organizer. She is driven by creating unique one-of-a-kind homes designed specifically for her Client’s lifestyle. She takes pride in providing the best intuitive design that encompasses quality for a timeless, long-lasting home. As a home visionary, her goals include designing aesthetically pleasing homes and spaces that are appropriately functional for all of the occupants & activities. 

Her educational background was achieved at the Art Institutes International Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota while raising a young family. Her ability to coordinate multiple projects and tasks simultaneously combined with her many years of in the field experience allow Melissa to be an expert in the interior design and construction industry. This results in timelessly designed homes for her clients.

Outside the office hours and job sites Melissa enjoys wine & menu tastings, which may be stand alone or in conjunction with a show at the local theater. The shows may include plays, musicals or symphony orchestras. Her creative outlets include watercolor painting & calligraphy scripting.

Melissa resides in southwest Minnesota on an acreage with her husband, Adam who is an engineer at a local manufacturing plant and two boys. Avre, the oldest son, is a senior in high school and has taught himself how to play guitar and other musical instruments. Their youngest son Barrett has just started middle school and plays football, basketball & baseball. Their daughter, Makia is in college and working towards a degree in Early Education.

Her passion for interior design stems from a long time love for old, historic homes. The excitement of the creativity that happens with ideas, some work and planning that then becomes a real home is what gets her out of bed every day. She has a very strong ability to visualize a space and see it before it is constructed and the last pillow is placed.

She transformed a house that was built in the late 1990s into what looks like a period craftsman home from the 1920s. 


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